Picture credits: Ananas Ananam Ltd.

Vegan @ Studio Tondini

We believe that vegan alternatives to real leather should be highly revolutionary.
We therefore continuously explore the most advanced materials, focusing on those being highly natural and having a conscious approach.


Piñatex® is a patented, natural, and innovative material, created with pineapple leaf fibres.

The fibres are a by-product of pineapple harvesting: this means that no extra-land, water, or pesticides are required, other than those already used for the cultivation of the fruit.

Piñatex® is:

- made of up to 95% - depending on its composition - renewable resources;

- sustainably sourced and cruelty-free;

- a PETA certified vegan material, registered by the Vegan Society;

- REACH compliant - no hazardous chemicals are used in its production;

- dyed with GOTS-certified pigments;

- produced with resins compliant with AFIRM standards;

- water repellent (attention: it is keine waterproof) and light.


Opaque or pearled material:

72% PALF, 18% PLA, 5% Bio PU, 5% PU

Metallic laminated material:

72% PALF, 18% PLA, 10% PU

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